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Our company Rain Ecommerce Limited resells cloud-storage services allowing high-speed remote access and data management in a cloud. WE DO NOT SELL CONTENT (files), but only services: cloud access, which is usually transferred to the customer as a short sequence of letters and numbers which acts as an access code, and is not a multimedia, text, executable, graphical or any kind of any other file and can not be treated as content. You can find the list of the services we sell on our home page. However, we take very seriously any intellectual property rights infringement concerning services with which we collaborate, so please email us at [email protected] if you have any doubts about legitimacy of any files placed on any of the services to which we sell access. In such cases you are kindly requested to provide us with the following accurate information:

If you will not provide us with the aforementioned information please be aware that your claim could be considered as calumny and damage to good name and reputation.

We are very much willing to assist in preventing illegal activities of any of the cloud storage services, so you are kindly asked to provide us with the most detailed, reasoned and documented information about real or potential violations.

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